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Chapter 49: Rainfall

The streets of Neppt were unpaved, as they had traditionally been in most Michuran cities for countless centuries, unlike in Subma, one of the few Michuran cities that wanted to embrace anything Warudan. Neppt was, in turn, far more foreign. It was odd what Michuran cities were and weren’t willing to take from Warudo; Subma, despite choosing to not pave its roads and with an increased amount of people insisting on speaking the Michuran language and living in the underwater domes, many of the buildings had been rebuilt with brick in the mainland style.

The early morning was very peaceful, with the almost eye-wrenching amount of blue being rather soothing for a change rather than overdone to their eyes. It had only been an hour since they’d woken that the morning air was broken by yells and shouts of excitement.
Neil and company made their way to the crowd, though they couldn’t push their way through at all-though Destral was tall enough to see over the entire crowd, and he saw, shockingly enough, other mainland Warudans. They had been on the island for so long that seeing people who were shades of brown and beige as opposed to blue was almost surreal and even somewhat comforting, grounding them back into the thought that Michiru was not another world, just another part of their own country. They cringed when they realized that they were tourists, and they could clearly hear them complaining. They had wanted to visit the casinos of Neppt, which had closed down recently; the Michurans despised gambling and it had only been opened as a way of earning tourist money, and since Michurans realized that it was just easier to show them their underwater houses and blue beaches, they had fallen into disrepair. Now the tourist couple were complaining about how run-down the remaining casinos had been, and how they had wanted to see the unspoiled beaches of Neppt (which did not exist-they had just as many underwater dome-houses that Subma did).
As time passed, the crowd of Michurans dispersed. Neil was headed for the Splash Temple as his next stop-though he had neglected to tell Hal this-and headed towards the forest, which would eventually lead them to the temple, which rose ceremoniously out of the jungle and into the sky in the distance. The tourists followed them closely, but Neil pretended to not see them.

The guard at the entrance to the forest stopped Neil, his eyes falling onto Hal, who had asked over and over again why they were headed for the forest when Eachtra had said they weren’t.
“What is your purpose in the woods?” the guard asked.
“My name is Neil Rüzgar, and these are my companions. We are headed for the temple within the woods”.
Hal looked up at Neil in disbelief, and began to tug on his coat like a child, and Neil pushed him away.
“We’re currently on a search for Princess Amk… for Princess Tyu.”
“What about us?” shouted the tourist couple, and began to shout their complaints again. The guard dismissed them and refused to let them pass, saying that they needed to go by Neppt’s tourist department for permission through the woods.
As they walked into the woods, Tortoga and Neil took one last look at the tourists as they tried to sneak around the guard, and failed to do so.
Tortoga wrote something on his chalkboard and handed it to Neil. Have you ever dealt with people like that?
“No,” Neil said. “I lived in a smaller town.”


The path to the temple was one that was well-traversed by travelers, and had an actual worn dirt path, fences on the side of the path, and few animals, who were too afraid to tread where people did. And while the road remained unpaved under the reasoning of preserving the jungle’s beauty, the trees were clipped every so often to make the trip comfortable.
Not comfortable enough, though, it seemed.

“Dammit, don’t they have a single giant on Michiru?! Am I the only person on this entire Godforsaken island who’s not some kind of undersized 6’8’’-“
“Hey, watch it. That’s how tall I am,” Enterente said to Destral as he loudly complained. “And I am no midget nor am I undersized, you ridiculously tall person!”
“Both of you shut up,” demanded Neil.
“If I run into one more branch, I’m going to burn it down,” Destral threatened.
“Then have fun being arrested.”
“They can’t arrest me, Neil! I’m the guard captain, aren’t I?”
“That doesn’t mean anything, Destral. You could be stripped of your title.”
Destral looked genuinely concerned about this.
“I hope it doesn’t rain,” Dian said, changing the subject and walking by Destral.
“What’s the matter, Dian? Do you feel a storm coming on?”
Destral’s entire demeanor seemed to change.
“Don’t say things like that,” snapped Michael. “If it rains, we might get stuck in this stupid jungle and we won’t be able to get to the temple.”
“Good,” Hal snapped. The robot looked at Neil, pouting. He normally held himself in a way that was more mature than the age Matka made him, but now he was acting every bit the child he looked like, stamping on the ground in front of Neil and tugging on his clothing. He especially did not appreciate Michael’s enthusiasm.
“Sorry,” Dian said quickly.
“Maybe you could try and keep the storm from coming in,” Michael said, and at first she thought he was encouraging her, but the expression on his face was one of dark sarcasm.
“Yeah, because she can totally do that,” Enterente said, his voice dripping with sarcasm, smirking at Dian. His words burrowed into her skin. She didn’t realize that they were joking and felt more than a little pressured and felt incredibly inadequate. Even when she was reassured that they were kidding, she still felt this way, and she insisted that they apologize.
“Honestly, even if it does storm, I think we’ll be okay. The trees might protect us.” Neil said. “But I can’t be sure.”

No one said anything after that. There was a sudden gloom over them, caused by a number of things; the overcast skies, accidentally hurting Dian’s feelings, Hal’s anger with all of them, the general upset that they felt with their journey overall, and the silence of this particular patch of jungle certainly did not help them in the slightest.

It was so quiet due to the lack of animals on the path and their silence towards each other that when they heard someone yelling for help from somewhere in the jungle, it surprised them greatly, and more than one of them jumped off the ground at the sound.
Dian stopped and looked in the direction of where she thought the voice had come from. She drew her bow and ran off towards it.

Destral and Arma yelled her name in unison, with Arma glaring at him afterwards, as if Destral was not even allowed to say her name. Destral ran after her, and Arma was fuming. He didn’t even think to chase after them.
“I swear to Mufis and his son, I am going to kill him,” Arma said, gritting his teeth. “I swear-“
“Oh, shut up,” Neil said, clutching Arma’s shoulder with a tight grip. “You’re disgusting.”
“Why don’t you shut up, Neil! Just because you’re a psychic with no siblings, you don’t understand how I feel, but that doesn’t give you the right-“
“I said shut up.”
“She’s my sister-“
“I said shut up.”


Dian ran towards the yelling until she saw that the evening animals of the jungle were attacking the tourist couple from earlier. They had succeeded in infiltrating the forest and getting past the guard, but at this cost. It was almost as if the forest did not trust them.

Dian took an arrow and slung it back, hiding in the brush so neither the tourists or the animals could see her at all. She shot it straight at the enormous ape that was attacking the tourists. It was a certain species that often threatened to tear out the eyes and necks of any wayward traveler. The arrow hit it in the side, and the ape spread its wings and started trying to fly away frantically.
“Shard Sphere!” Dian cast, causing diamonds of lightning to fly into the clearing. She finally looked and saw just how many creatures were trying to get at them-two of the apes, three giant birds, and two Golia leopards. It was going to be difficult to save them. She did have an advantage, however, and that was the coming storm, as well as her alchemy. She packed away her bow and and began to charge her powers, rubbing her hands together. She ran out from her hiding spot and knife-handed the Golia leopard, sending the leopard careening away from her.

The tourists simply stood in awe at her. Dian glanced at them quickly before returning her attention back to the animals at hand.
“Run, you idiot!”
She dodged the giant bird charging at her, as well as the ape she had wounded previously. She grabbed both of them, one in each hand, slamming them into the ground as she electrocuted them, their fur an feathers puffing up as she did this. The remaining birds and apes ran away from her, screeching and squawking. Only the Golia leopards were left.
“I said run!”
They finally obeyed Dian, getting up and sprinting away, nearly falling over themselves and the flora.
The storm was getting closer. She decided it would be wise to use some stronger magic to get the Golia leopards away-they had chosen to stay and target her rather than chase their original targets.

“Giga Shock!” she tried casting, motioning sharply towards the Golias, and she managed to call down an enormous lightning bolt from the heavens, striking down both the leopards and killing them on the spot.
Dian sighed, and she turned to head back when she heard the low growl of an animal. The next few seconds happened too quickly for her to process.
The enormous shape of a Golia lion-far bigger and stronger than a Golia leopard-pounced towards her, and as she shut her eyes awaiting it, the enormous shape of Destral de Foc came between Dian and the lion.
Golia lions were known on Michiru for the fact that they had spikes on their arms and legs, and used them frequently in their hunting. Now one of those spikes had found its way into Destral’s side, and he had very little fat to quell the stab wound at all, only skin and muscle.

He winced, trying not to cry out, and he squeaked out a single noise of pain. He ripped the spike out of his body, his blood dripping from the spike and pouring out of the hole, staining his clothes where they had been torn. Rain began to drizzle down from the grey sky, thunder clapping as it did, lightning streaking across the sky as if answering Dian’s usage of her powers.
He looked at the Golia lion before him. The animal was screaming over its spike being torn out of its body. He stared at it weakly, his entire enormous body trembling, his teeth gritted as he tried not to scream or cry. He barely reached for it, and tried to cast a spell, but he couldn’t speak. He could only mouth the words. Fire erupted from his hands, burning the lion to nothing but ashes, its screams echoing into the crackling, blackened sky, and the rain fell onto them and mixed them with the dirt and mud. His magic didn’t seem to be hindered by the rain at all, but neither of them stopped to think about this. In truth, it is very difficult to use Fire magic in the rain, and it takes a great degree of mastery to do it. For the first time in his life, Destral did not appreciate his sheer skill.

His glasses were slipping down his face, and he did not have the strength or the will to push them back up. A pool of red was beginning to form on the ground from his stab wound, and much of the blood was being led away by tiny rivers made in the mud. He groaned again, and he fell back against a tree, closing his eyes, causing an enormous thud and making the trees shake, raining down a torrent of water upon the ground. Dian stood in front of him, her hands over her mouth. Tears were streaming down her face, but she wasn’t making any noise. The strong storm wind blew her hair and tie about.

“Destral-Oh, God, Destral-“
He said nothing, trying to quell the blood with his right hand, reaching over his stomach. He was breathing heavily, his broad chest rising and falling with great labor. With what strength he had, he grabbed his axe and slammed it into the tree, just above his head, sheltering him from the rain.
He finally opened his eyes and looked straight at her. He looked so weak, his eyes only half-opened, his mouth slightly agape with shock and fear.
“Destral!” she cried, falling to her knees under his makeshift umbrella, finally sobbing out her words. She reached for the top button of his coat, right on his high, starched collar. “Destral-the bleeding-I-I-I-have to-“
He reached up and grabbed her hands, his left glove coated in his fresh blood. He finally managed to weakly smile at her. Not a smirk, but a genuine smile.
“I can take my own clothes off, Dian.” he said softly. He clutched her hands and pushed them away.
He winced as he began unbuttoning his coat, which had gotten torn and muddy. Dian took it and laid it on the ground, despite it getting even dirtier. For once, he would have to deal with it.
He was in his shirt and undershirt now, and she slowly took his white shirt off as well, and Dian folded that up as well.
“Okay,” Dian said, balling her fists, looking at him in his faded undershirt. “Now we can…”
He ignored her and took his undershirt off, until he was completely topless. He handed her his undershirt as well, but she only held it.
She wanted to look away. She had to; it wasn’t decent for her to be seeing him topless. It was downright obscene. But this was the person she secretly loved, and he had a beautiful figure, and with her face growing as red as his coat and his wound, she could not avert her eyes.
When she finally worked up the ability to speak again, she grabbed the undershirt.
“Is it okay if I use this? I’m going to wrap you up.”
“Sure. I have more.”
He seemed to be getting his strength back somewhat.
She ripped up his undershirt, making a makeshift bandage out of it. She reached into her pocket and took out a pin she normally used for her hair, and wrapped him up with it, cleaning the wound beforehand with her handkerchief. He didn’t wince at all. She was surprised that there was enough undershirt to wrap around him.

“I can’t believe it. I’m a soldier, the general of the royal army, the best one there’s ever been-and look what took me down.”
“Shhh. It happens sometimes. I’m surprised you lived. … Happy, though. But surprised.”
“It’s the great folk’s blood, perhaps.”
Dian sniffed as she finished wrapping him up.
“I’ve never been so scared in my life,” she admitted. “Not when I was fighting. But when you got gored like that… it was terrible. For a moment, I really thought you were dead.”
Destral smiled at her and laughed self-depreciatingly.
“Hey… don’t worry so much about me, Dian. I should be worrying about you. You’re only human.”
She averted her eyes from his nude chest when she finished, her cheeks completely flushed. She looked like she had a fever.
“I’m sorry your jacket got ripped, Destral.”
“Oh, don’t worry about it.”
“Don’t tell me you have another jacket on you, too.”
“It can be easily fixed. I have a sewing kit and a bit of red fabric to fix it up.”
She nodded. She tried to keep her eyes on either his wound, his face, or the ground, but it was difficult. She knew she shouldn’t stare at the bare chest of a man (or woman, if the case was such), but she couldn’t stop. Eventually she was able to focus on his face. It had been hard for her to look at him earlier, when he had been in so much pain, but now he was looking relatively normal. His trademark smirk was not there, but he was smiling, and his eyes were soft and relaxed. The two of them sat there, protected by the rain by Destral’s axe. Destral gave her a look, as if he wanted to say something, but he bit his lip and decided against it, it seemed.
“Thank you, Dian,” he finally said. “You’ve once again saved me.”
He leaned forward as best as he could, putting a hand on her head, lightly touching her hair.
“What would I do without you?”

He looked at her softly. Soon, his eyes grew bigger and bigger, and his gaze extended past Dian into the forest behind her. It didn’t take Dian long for her to realize what was going on.
Before she could turn around to see what he was looking at, he threw her onto his chest to shield her from the oncoming monster. Her face, which had only just recovered from her previous embarrassment, grew deeply red-even deeper than before.
With his free hand, he dislodged the axe from the tree and pointed it at the Golia lioness standing before him. The lioness leapt onto the axe, but he stayed put where he was sitting, throwing her off.
“Damned rain,” he spat. He winced, hoping the makeshift bandages would stay put. He couldn’t afford to bleed anymore than he already had. He hadn’t quite gotten to the light-headed feelings of blood loss yet, but if he wasn’t careful, he would get there very quickly.
“Dian. I can’t fight it. I need you to.”
She looked up, still glued to his chest.
“We can use Heat Lightning.”
They nodded to each other, and they prepared to cast the spell.
Before they could use it, however, a rainbow stream of hearts slammed into the lioness, immobilizing her and knocking her backwards into a tree. Running into the clearing in front of them were Neil and Eachtra. Arma, who had used the actual spell, was nowhere to be seen.

“We heard a noise,” said Eachtra. “We came to see if you were oak…”
He and Neil stared in silence at the scene of a shirtless Destral with Dian clinging to him.
“… I see,” Eachtra said, blushing, and he managed to avert his eyes from the indecency of a topless friend. He backed off. “Take your time, then!”
“Wait, no!” Destral shouted, moving forward and wincing as he did. Dian was about to let go of him to help him when the others entered the clearing, including Arma, his mace in hand.
He stood above the two of them, dumbfounded by what he was seeing, his face contorting with fury and jealousy.
Dian sensed what was going on and stood up.
He wasn’t about to listen to her. He ran past her, swinging his mace, hitting the tree Destral was sitting against in his blind rage.
“My… sister… is off-limits!” Arma screamed. “Do you hear me, you brute? Do you understand me?!”
“What do you mean, ‘off-limits’, you fanatic? Look, I got hurt, that’s why my shirt’s off. Dian was patching me up. That thing attacked us, and I was protecting Dian from it. She was shocked by the state I’m in right now. Normally, she could fight that thing off in a heartbeat, but right now? I don’t think she’d be able to defend herself.”
“I think you need to defend yourself, you savage!”
Arma swung the mace down, aiming for Destral’s head, before the Fire wizard grabbed the mace by its handle, but at the same time making sure he didn’t break it. He let go of Dian in order to do this, and she stood up and shoved Arma away, taking the mace away.

“Arma, stop it. Can’t you see that he’s injured?”
Arma didn’t want to stare at the nude chest of a man he didn’t know, let alone one he despised so much, but he did fix his eyes on the stab wound. It had quit bleeding, it seemed, but the bandage was sopping wet and muddy from the rainstorm, which had also ceased.
“Arma, if there was anything between us, I think you would know…”

Eachtra popped his head into the clearing. Tortoga was looking very shyly from behind, hoping to catch a glimpse of a couple, due to the influence Eachtra and Enterente had had on him.
“Aw, come on, Arma, you didn’t leave them alone? How rude of you!”
“Seriously,” Enterente added, his hand on his hip, with that near-permanent look of vague arrogance crossing his face.
“Really, now, all of you. There is nothing between us. But Destral’s very seriously injured-“
“Arma knows healing magic,” Enterente interjected.
“Like hell I’m using it on him!”
“Like hell you are using it on him!” mocked Enterente.
“Don’t you have any? Time heals all wounds, they say, and does it not?”
“You think I know any healing spells? Certainly, some Time magicians specialize in it, but not I. I’m from a better cut of Time magician.”
“You think I know any?!”
“Of course. Love magicians tend to.”
Arma wrenched his mace out of Dian’s grip and went to go hit Enterente with it, but by the time he had landed the blow, Enterente had already paused time and moved several spaces away.

“Damn you, that isn’t fair!”
As they argued, Destral shouted for Neil.
“Neil, do you have my bag?”
Neil  nodded. He averted his eyes as he brought a bag to Destral, very large but very lightweight. Neil threw it towards him and Destral failed to catch it. He opened it up and took out a clean shirt, and promptly put it on, to the relief of nearly everyone. He took out a clean pair of socks and pants as well, and excused himself to change into those, and washed up his boots until they were sparkling, as if there had never been any mud or blood on them at all. Neil insisted he wait until they reach the next hotel for him to patch up his coat, but Destral insisted on doing it right there in the middle of the jungle-after all, he had his sewing kit and extra fabric with him in his bag. He made a compromise to Neil-he would wear his jacket and try his best to hide the tear until their next hotel, so they could get going as soon as possible.
When he was finished, he stood up, finally, and cringed. He would need a new bandage, as well-a real one.
“For once, you and I are of the same mind,” Destral said to Neil. “I need to get into town and get my coat patched up.”
And not yourself, too? Neil thought.

Arma glared at Destral as the Fire wizard spoke to Neil, his anger broiling inside of him.
My sister is off-limits, he kept saying to himself. My sister is off-limits, especially to savages like that. He didn’t trust him one bit.

The others began to walk away, but Dian lagged behind, and Arma stayed with her. She turned towards her brother.
“Arma, I don’t know what the hell you’re getting at, but don’t you dare think for one second that being my brother means you get to control my life!”
He opened his mouth, but she interrupted him before he could even speak.
“And don’t you begin to think that just because of your Love magic, you can handle my life better than me!
Arma’s face grew very, very sullen, the anger falling away from his face slowly and carefully, like flakes off the walls of an abandoned building. His eyes grew empty. His legs felt numb.
“So you…”
Dian looked away, trying not to look embarrassed or surprised.
“So you do love him, don’t you, Dian?”
She just wanted to melt away and leave, or bolt off running. Anything to get away.
“I can’t believe it,” he said, without waiting for any response from her. “I sensed your feelings, but I still wanted to believe I was wrong…”
“I didn’t say I did like him, Arma! And what is it to you if I do, anyway, why do you care so much?!”
“I don’t want you to drift away from me. We’ve been close for so long, don’t you get it?”
“I do get it, but acting like this, doing things like this, acting so jealous, so controlling over my friends-it’s not making us any closer! It’s making me hate you!”
Arma was shattered. His attempts to rekindle their sibling hood has failed spectacularly.
“Hate me?” he said quietly.
“I don’t want that,” Dian said. “I really don’t.”

She started to walk away. Arma stammered, and followed, desperately trying to either appease her or convince her to cease contact with Destral.
“But Dian, you don’t know what a man like that-“
“I already know, Arma! What, he’s a savage brute who eats children and kittens, and probably started the Psychic Wars!”
She rolled her eyes. She didn’t want to deal with him anymore.
“No, Dian, I don’t believe any of that. But a man like that, he’s so huge and strong, he could easily pin you down-“
She yelled his name so loudly that the travelers who had gone ahead stopped and turned to look at her, see what she had gotten so upset about.
“Arma, how dare you say that about my best friend!”
It was a very serious accusation to make about someone. Anyone in his or her right mind wouldn’t do it even to their worst enemies. Arma was so blinded by his rage and his jealousy that he had crossed that social line.

“Dian? Is everything okay?” called Michael, and Eachtra motioned for everyone to stop and wait for her.
She ran all the way up to them, her lips pursed and her brow furrowed over her brown, almond-shaped eyes. “No, everything is not okay.”
“Dian, please, I didn’t mean it,” Arma called in desperation. “Please forgive me.”
“What did he say?” Hal asked, cocking his head.
“I don’t want to repeat it,” Dian said, the sheer thought of doing so making her feel sick. She shook her head. “It doesn’t matter.”
Arma tried not to look at the faces of his fellows, but found their confused and judgmental stares unavoidable. He had no idea what to do now. He despised the idea of their friendship and he was beginning to despise everyone else there. But he had to put up with it. Dian did not want to leave. He would have to choose between his sister’s wishes and his own beliefs.


Once they got back onto the path, Neil and his companions made it back to Subma in awkward silence without any other incident. The towering behemoth of the Splash Temple was visible over the trees, and Michael stared at it excitedly, unable to wait until he could give it a visit. Hal wanted to kick him.
Tortoga began scribbling away at his chalkboard.
I thought we were going straight there.
“We were, but then Destral got injured and Arma made a fool of himself. I think those two things point to us needing to recuperate for a little,” Neil said.
Tortoga erased his board and then wrote,
I think we need practice.
Then he added hastily,
Both on our magic and our teamwork skills.

Neil mulled over what the boy had written.
“Perhaps you’re right,” Neil said. “Adding that to the fact that Destral has a wound to heal.”
“I told you, Neil, I am fine!”
“And your coat needs patching up, does it not?”
Destral pouted. His coat was draped over his body, unbuttoned, his clean white shirt the only thing covering his chest.
“That is true, I guess,” Destral conceded.
“What’s this about teamwork?” Eachtra said, looking over the blackboard. “I always thought…”
“I believe he’s talking-well, writing-about how Destral and the twins need to get their acts together,” Neil said scornfully. He did not dislike or hate Arma, but he looked down upon him. Arma was everything that Myopians despise about magicians.
“Oh,” Eachtra said, and he cringed. Eachtra had an idea about him that the party was a witty, united group of friends, and Destral fighting with Arma and Dian getting upset over it did not fit his vision.

Arma was trying his hardest to actually think things through, as well as to be at least somewhat compassionate, something that was surprisingly difficult for someone like him. Arma agreed reluctantly. “But how are we going to go about that?”
“I say we have an intervention!!!” Enterente shouted, and numerous people-both in Neil’s party and Michurans-backed away in surprise. “Just so long as you sort out your relationship problems somewhere where I’m not at.”
Dian tried to sort out Enterente’s insult to grammar, and felt like she was going to choke. She didn’t want to have an awkward therapy session with Destral and her brother. She didn’t want Destral to know how she felt and she didn’t want Arma’s suspicions any more confirmed. He probably hadn’t bought her excuses, she thought.
“Do you want him to know?” Arma whispered to her. She choked, and then tried to swallow before she started coughing uncontrollably and causing a scene.
“I don’t want him to,” she snapped, interrupting him before he had actually finished.
Arma was mulling over thoughts caused by his jealous insanity. He knew there were ways of making people forget their love for someone, and if he could figure out how such alchemy worked, he could make Dian forget her love, or even get rid of her feeling for it.

Neil fiddled with the belt on his duster coat, which was never done up, always hanging by his side, if it wasn’t removed period. He had a curious expression on his face. Destral was bemoaning the idea of an intervention, as Enterente had put it.
Neil walked over to Dian, Arma, and Destral.
“The three of us are going to be outside of town. The three of you can meet us there.”
Destral and Arma were eyeing each other in silent fury, and Neil leaned over and whispered to Dian.
“Your brother is being driven insane by his emotions. Don’t drink anything he offers you.”
“What in the world are you talking about, Neil?”
Dian grimaced at him.
Neil led her away from her brother.
“Your brother is being driven insane by his jealousy. And he is a Love alchemist.”
“Don’t you accuse me of liking Destral, too.”
“Your brother is acting like an impertinent child, and his feelings are driving every action of his.”
“What are you getting at?” She asked, trying not to sound annoyed and failing.
“Love alchemists are famed around the world for their love potions. They’re excellent at making drugs that can create feelings as well as rid someone of them.”
“You sound like you’re accusing me.”
“Because your feelings are obvious even to me.”
She pouted, then looked at him pleadingly.
“Don’t tell anyone.”
“Destral is the only one who hasn’t noticed. None of that matters, though. That intervention, so to speak, is not happening, because I don’t trust your brother right now. People do idiotic things when they’re being led around on a leash by their emotions.”
“Arma wouldn’t do something like that to me.”
She looked around, and then back at him, folding her arms.
“If you really think Arma would make a potion that gets rid of my feelings for Destral, why are you encouraging me to stay away? Wouldn’t you rather I wasn’t crushing on someone?”
“I would, in fact, but I’m in no position to be asserting my beliefs onto you, Dian. What you choose to do with yourself is up to you.”
Dian tensed up, looking away from him again. For some reason, his words stung her. He so obviously thought she was going to destroy herself with her feelings for his friend; his voice was coated in nothing but distaste for it.
“There’s nothing wrong with magicians falling in love,” she said, thinking aloud at that moment. Neil stopped walking, clearly indicating that he heard her, but he said nothing, merely scoffing and then walking back towards the collective group.

“I’ve made my decision,” Neil said. “And I-“
“I demand to know what you were discussing with my sister!” shouted Arma.
Neil shot him a glare, a glare that seemed to bore deep into the skin of whoever was receiving it.
“You know, Armastus, in Myopia, if I interrupted someone, I’d be forever shamed and outcast from society at worst and I’d receive a good enough smack to knock my glasses away at best. I know you magicians aren’t so polite when it comes to conversation but I think I’m at my wit’s end with it by this point. That goes for everyone else, too.”
Neil closed his eyes for a moment and took a deep breath.
“I’ve made my decision. I’m not going to let Destral and the twins go off and have some silly conversation which may or may not appease Arma’s no small amount of jealousy.”  
You could see the seething anger in Arma’s face building as he spoke. A corner of Neil’s mouth turned up a bit in an almost mischievous manner. He seemed to enjoy hitting all of Arma’s nerves. It amused him that someone so emotional could really exist. He was just like the caricatures of magicians he’d grown up seeing in the most outdated and racially insensitive of media and from the most paranoid of people around him.


At a clear spot outside of town, most of the group practiced their skills. Destral spent the time fixing his clothes, and Dian joined him before she went to practice. His sewing supplies were Destral-sized, so when Dian attempted to help him, she found herself overwhelmed and handed them back to him quickly. Arma glanced over at them occasionally; he was dueling with Tortoga. Every few minutes, Tortoga would think that he wanted Arma to let up a bit, but Arma wasn’t in the mood to look at his chalkboard.
Destral smirked in delight as he set down his giant-sized sewing needle, and held up his jacket for Dian to see.
“Pretty good, huh?”
“It’s as good as new!” Dian exclaimed. “I wish I could sew as well as that. But I’m too embarrassed to take it up…”
“Why’s that?”
“Everyone says sewing is a men’s hobby.”
“But you already wear men’s clothing. I don’t see why you’re holding back.”
Dian shrugged. He shrugged back.

Destral threw the jacket on as flashily as he possibly could, buttoning it up, and then threw his gloves on over them, and then he stood up. Dian almost fell backward; he was overwhelmingly big even when he was sitting or lounging, and then he stood up over her, petite as she was, and she was sitting down as well.
Destral looked down at her, and then extended his hand to her and helped her up. As soon as she was up, his eyes darted to the left and he took his hand off hers, placing both of them on his hips.
“I’m dying to fight someone, anyone,” he moaned, stretching and looking toward the sky.
They both looked over at the scene of everyone dueling. Nearby there was Lespi and Michael; Michael had a few cuts on him and bloodstains, but Lespi was coated in dust. Michael was a wizard and Lespi was a mere mage, and the difference in skill was rather striking. Michael wanted to fight Neil, less so because of his long forgotten grudge, and more so for something where he wouldn’t feel like it was an unfair fight. Lespi insisted they continue; he was getting better with every second, he insisted. He took his glasses off, the hair covering his right eye shivering slightly, though not enough to reveal his mysteriously covered eye. He shook the dirt and dust out of his hair, and wiped his glasses clean with his handkerchief.

Arma was so distracted by his watching Dian and Destral that it opened an opportunity for Tortoga to hit his waist with his staff, mouthing the spell, ‘Guilt-a-Whirl’. Arma was sent spinning as he seemed to let out a stream of apologies, though for what he was unsure.
Destral looked at Dian, and his face brightened.
“Do you want to train with me again?”
“I’d love to!” she said, and then she cleared her throat, thinking she’d sounded too excited. She adjusted her hair slightly. “Will we be fighting each other?”
“If you think you’re good enough by this point to fight me while I’m holding back.”

Arma had to force himself to stop paying so much attention to what his sister was doing, or else he would be destroyed by Tortoga.
Arma grabbed his mace from his belt, wondering why he hadn’t been using it at all. The reason was that they’d all agreed to try and not seriously injure each other, but he didn’t care. Losing to Tortoga, even in practice fights, was irritating him even further. His mace blocked Tortoga’s staff from descending any further onto him, and spat out a spell-Heartbeat Blastoff, specifically-to try and keep the Emotion magician away from him. Tortoga backflipped away, in a bland sort of way, for Tortoga was quite possibly the only one so stoic as to make backflips boring and bland. He hit the ground hard, gritting his teeth as the pins and needles shot through his foot from the landing. He was sent flying again when Arma’s spells nailed him in the leg and the chest, and barely managed to re-orient himself after being blasted away.
Arma decided to send one more spell after Tortoga before moving on to a weaker opponent so as to keep his eye on Dian while fighting.
“Bloody Kiss,” Arma cast, watching Tortoga coming back to earth. It would certainly keep Tortoga down, and it was a spell he wanted to master.
Tortoga wanted to experiment with one of his spells, to see if he could use Arma’s negative qualities to his advantage.
Jealous Slice, he mouthed, and his staff began to glow green and pink.
Tortoga noticed with increasing alarm that the closer he got to the ground and thus to Arma, the stronger the magic surrounding his staff grew.
Then the blow came.

Tortoga’s staff, its magic nearly reaching levels of overcharge, hit Arma directly in the chest. Arma fell to the ground, and he fell to the ground hard, and was sent across the ground, a trail of destroyed earth in his wake, hitting his head at least once and flipping over at least twice, possibly more times for both. His shirt became untucked and his tie scraped against the ground, tugging against his neck several times. His glasses flew off his face and landed between Enterente and Eachtra, pieces of the glass falling out with a tinkle upon impact. By the time he stopped rolling, he had landed by the quickly-dispersing crowd of horrified Michurans, he was covered in dirt and bleeding. He didn’t even try to get up; he’d felt his bones cracking and he was sure at least one was broken.

Dian had been watching in horror as he’d gone flying across the ground, and, screaming his name, ran towards him as soon as he’d stopped. The others went to go examine him at a safe distance, with Tortoga lagging behind.
Dian got on the ground next to him.
“Arma… oh, my God, what happened to you?!”
“My arm is broken,” he said, his voice slow and heavy, laboring with each syllable. “My glasses, too.”
Enterente came walking up to them, his stride smooth and graceful, his smile curved, as if simply taking amusement from the whole incident. He adjusted one of his gloves, trident sitting in the crook of his arm. “Now,” he started, getting down on one knee by Arma. “It would take some REALLY great magic to fix you up. Something miraculous. Times like this, sure wish we had a doctor, huh?”
He grinned over at Lespi. The incubus flipped his lengthy hair over his shoulder and walked over. He had a wound on his forehead that needed attending to, but he didn’t seem particularly worried about this at all.
Enterente began teasing Arma as they waited for Lespi to come over.
“Now, Arma, aren’t you a healer? Can’t you just heal yourself?”
“I am not a healer!!”
“Shh,” Lespi said. “You’re hurt, so stop screaming. It’ll make it worse. Michurans aren’t apt to call a doctor for a Warudan, so hold still. I’ll get you a sling for your arm.”
Lespi calmly began to open up his doctor’s bag, hoping to find some splints or pieces of cloth in there. Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed the crowd of Michurans splitting apart.
“Then why are they doing that?” asked Dian.
Lespi was moving to tie his hair back-the hair he kept over his eye at all times-and everyone was watching him, hoping to see it, when he stopped, to see who would come through the crowd.
Hal exclaimed out, spinning around before coughing and composing himself. Then he ran forward to greet Matka with open arms, excited to see her again.
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